Welcome to the Mission House of Freedom Center



Pastor Samuel Louidisma

I am Pastor Samuel Louidisma, one of the founders and the director of the Mission House of Freedom Center. We are located in Charrette, Saint Marc, Haiti. I am married to Lunie Venise Cadet Louidisma. We both represent MHFC. We have three children, Christian, Christie and Christen.


To prepare for ministry Lunie and I attended Discipleship training School (DTS) at youth with a mission (YWAM) in Haiti. We participated in Bible School, different seminars and leadership seminar programs. Our missionary service began in Haiti, for Lunie from 1995, and myself in 1999. We worked at YWAM as part of a volunteer staff until 2004. God told us to go to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 2005. There we met Dr. Danny Kim. In the same year we worked together as missionaries in a poor village called villa Altagracia, Dominican Republic. In a vision, God Showed me a multitude of children and asked me to give my daughter to Dr. Danny Kim, if I was obedient those children will be blessed through her. It was very hard to obey the Lord about this and I fought with God about it for six months. Again God kept telling me to do this, he told me I will give her back to you again. My family told me not to do give my daughter away, my wife did not want to give our daughter away. After much prayer, my wife and family had a peace from God about it. We gave our daughter to Dr. and Mrs. Kim. God used this union to bring Dr. Kim to Haiti and start Mission House of Freedom Center. God has used this ministry to bless and transform many young people, transforming our community by transforming families.


We want to equip fellow Christians through education, discipleship training, Medical care, agriculture and spiritually. We want our fellow Haitians to have a better understanding of who God is and have a deeper relationship with him through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. This way Christians can better touch others for Christ. It only takes one person to have a huge impact on another persons life, family and community. Lunie and I hope to strengthen the faithful and draw others to the Lord by meeting their needs in many different ways. In our center we host short or long term mission trips. Some of our needs for mission trips include: Medical: Doctors, nurses (all kinds) School: English and Spanish teachers Mission: People with all kinds of matainance skills Ministry: Speakers for discipleship training Arts: Dance and Drama teacher Evangelism: Someone who would like to train our Youth to evangelize



Romain Louidisma

I am Romain Loudidsma and I am 38 years old. I grew up in a Chrisitan family. I married my beautiful wife Marlene in 2010. We have two children, Phoebe and Esterline. My wife is pregnant with our third child.


I’ve worked in the mission field since December 2006. I began with childrens ministry, I have a passion for kids. My vision is to raise up leaders of character for my country because we are in need for those kind of leaders. I work as the local pastor in our church since 2006. I am the director of our Theology school that we have at the center. I can see the fruits of our labor as God moves in the lives of our children and youth in our church. They are becoming strong in their faith. They live their lives as an example by the power of the Holy Spirit. We continue to raise Godly leaders through our school in which we have 520 students enrolled.


Every morning I personally lead the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ through devotions and worship music. We pray with them and we pray for our country. Please continue to pray for us and our country, that God will continue to give us more wisdom and strength to do his will.



Orson Louidisma

I am Orson Louidisma, My wife, Helene and I have been married since 2009 and have three children. We have worked at MHFC since 2006. I work in external communication, and director of the school. The way the school has grown since 2012 form 150 students to 520 students, is not anything we did but the success of the school only comes from God. With him all things are possible. Please continue to pray for us that the love of God, wisdom and strength can be upon us. Thank you






Interested in sponsoring a child?

We have many children attending our school, whose parents are unable to pay for their education. Children in Haiti who are unable to attend school have a very small chance of having a successful future. For $22 a month you can help send a child to school. 100% of monies given to sponsor a child go directly to pay for that child’s education. At MHFC we provide a Christian environment with dedicated staff led by Pastor Romain Louidisma. Children are taught English, Spanish and French. We also recently started providing vocational training.



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